Water is the Fluid of Life

Urbane is located on the ground floor of Olive 8, Seattle’s tallest residential building, Offering city residents and visitors delicious local fare and a modern ambiance.  Olive 8 is also home to more than 200 condominium homes, the Hyatt at Olive 8 hotel and Elaia, an all-natural spa. Water has always played a big part in Seattle's development and the region's agricultural strength.  Less than 10 blocks from Puget Sound, water helps define our cuisine in the form of sustainable, fresh seafood.

Keeping food waste out of landfills is a big part of Urbane's sustainability program.  We work with Cedar Grove Composting who turns our food and plant waste into compost that is used throughout the region.

LEED Silver certified, the Olive 8 building has a commitment to sustainability that is echoed in the restaurant. Urbane uses the Natura water system to triple filter city water for use in the restaurant. The water is then sealed in reusable glass bottles for all restaurant guests, eliminating the need for plastic bottles. Olive 8's green roof is home to over 24,000 sedum plants that keep the majority of our city's rainfall out of stormwater drains, reducing the amount of energy the building consumes for heating and cooling, and provides an urban habitat for birds.