Raw Materials

Good Food Shouldn't Travel Far

Urbane’s commitment to sustainability is a major factor in our decision to feature local ingredients on the restaurant’s menu. When food is shipped-in from far distances, freshness is compromised and flavors decline, resulting in an inferior, less tasty product. Shipping also uses a great deal of fuel and introduces unnecessary pollution to the Pacific Northwest. By sourcing the majority of our raw ingredients from within a 200-mile radius of our restaurant, we are actively engaged in reducing Urbane’s carbon footprint.

Locally available and in-season products inspire our menu. Our culinary team visits and inspects our partners’ farms, affording the rare opportunity to get to know our farmers on a first name basis. Additionally, the oldest continuously operating public market in the country – the world famous Pike Place Market – is only six blocks away, and we continue to support the artisans and products by sourcing their ingredients. Supporting these providers gives back to our neighborhood economy and contributes to the vibrancy of Seattle’s locavore community.